Collaborative Working

Narc working with a range of partners have developed and delivered a range of projects focussed on solutions, collaboration and awarness raising.

Welsh Federation of Angling Coaches

Narc working with a range of partners developed tackle tips leaflets to assist anglers at hotspots where gear is commonly lost. We developed the approach to be more proactive in trying to minimise tackle loss after identifying these two sites as particular hotspots for angling litter. The tackle tips are also useful for many anging sites along rocky coastlines. We teamed up with the Welsh and Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches to provide the tips with NARC providing the maps and underwater descriptions.

Folly Farm and Pen-y-Bryn Special School

Folly Farm and Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn Special School in Swansea have chosen to raise awareness and money for NARC in a new book aimed at helping children when visiting Folly Farm. NARC attended the book launch and look forward to working with the school in the future. For more details click here.

World Animal Protection and the Global Ghost Gear Initiative 

NARC were honoured to be invited to the launch of Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) in 2016 and have worked with the World Animal Protection for a number of years .

Mike Baker, Chief Executive of World Animal Protection, said: “Ghost gear is a largely hidden problem, but millions of dolphins, seals, whales and seabirds become trapped and die because of it. “In order to have safer, cleaner oceans we need sustainable solutions on a global scale. “This initiative brings real hope that these solutions can be found, with industry, governments, charities and academics all pulling together to free the oceans of Ghost Gear.”

Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Initiative

The Pembrokeshire Sustainable Shellfish Pilot Initiative (PSSI) is testing voluntary measures to try to improve fishing sustainability within the local potting fleet. It aims to encourage fishermen to incorporate one or more trials within their fishing practices. The pilot allows trialling of gear modifications at no cost to fishermen and incorporation of feedback into final outputs that will be shared widely. 

NARC have been happy to build on their existing relations with local fishermen to retrieve lost gear, thereby reducing the potential for ghost fishing. In total 92 lots pots and netting were recovered with 29 lobsters, 19 crab and 2 fish released. Watch the project video here.

Loutraki Divers, Greece

In 2016 and after months of planning NARC were honoured to be invited to Greece by Loutraki Divers to carryout 5 days of underwater clean-up events. NARC inspired the formation of the Greek underwater clean-up group over 3 years ago and because of the link 6 volunteers were happy to pack their dive kit and head for the sunshine. Thanks to the sponsors of Loutraki divers, NARC volunteers were only required to cover their own flight costs and were greeted with what can only be described as amazing hospitality at Athens airport!