NARC invited to launch of Global Ghost Gear Initiative

September 29, 2015

NARC were honoured to be invited to the launch of Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) in London. The two day event brought together leading experts, including the United Nations Environment Programme, the Marine Stewardship Council, Young’s seafood and Australia’s Northern Prawn Fishery to share their knowledge and expertise to ensure safer, cleaner oceans.

Mike Baker, Chief Executive of World Animal Protection, said: “Ghost gear is a largely hidden problem, but millions of dolphins, seals, whales and seabirds become trapped and die because of it. “In order to have safer, cleaner oceans we need sustainable solutions on a global scale. “This initiative brings real hope that these solutions can be found, with industry, governments, charities and academics all pulling together to free the oceans of Ghost Gear.”

NARC Secretary, David Jones who attended the event, said, “It was fantastic to be invited to an event that was truly global. For our volunteer group, now in its tenth year, to exchange views and be part of an event with such potential to help on a worldwide setting is really exciting. We cant wait to share what we do locally in Pembrokeshire and are really pleased to be part of a working group in the GGGI.”

Dave Kennard, NARC Chair added, “Working with local fisherman has seen us lift over 90 lobster pots this year. Without their help this would not be possible. We look forward to working with the fishing industry in Wales to try and lesson the impacts of ghost gear whilst still cleaning up more general marine litter, hopefully for at least another ten years!”