Underwater litter pickers get in the driver’s seat

July 17, 2014

Underwater litter pickers get in the driver’s seat

Neptune Army of Rubbish Cleaners (NARC) has discovered a van at the bottom of the sea during the voluntary group’s recent dive off Hobbs Point.

As well as the barnacle covered Mitsubishi Colt, which is thought to have been down there for about six months, the divers were greeted with extraordinarily clear visibility and some unusual findings of a computer key board and four mobile phones.

The group, which dive this site several times a year, also unveiled more common debris such as bottles, angling gear, car tyres and bikes.

Blaise Bullimore, voluntary NARC diver and marine biologist, said: “We were surprised to find the van but thanks to the good conditions on the day, we were able to examine it carefully. Based on the marine wildlife growing on and inside the van, I’d estimate it’s been done there for well under a year.”

The group also stumbled across huge piles of dumped shellfish. The piles were made up of whole and parts of edible crabs and razor clams, many of which were tied together by elastic bands.

Dave Kennard, chair and founder of Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Cleaners, added:

“We have no idea why these large amounts of edible and valuable shellfish have been dumped there. It could be a number of reasons, including dubious activity. We were only able to see the scale of the amounts and get photographic proof due to the clear visibility. This is not only a huge waste but is a very unnecessary action. We’d urge anyone to think carefully about how they treat our marine environment.”

The sighting and photographs have been passed to the Welsh Government’s Fisheries Enforcement team to investigate. The van will be recovered by the appropriate agencies.

Whether a diver or just someone interested in helping out on shore, the group is always on the look out for more volunteers. To express your interest, please visit Neptune’s Army’s website: http://www.narc-cc.org.uk/

Car at Hobbs Point 2014